Anal Butt Plug - 4pcs

Anal Butt Plug - 4pcs

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Similar to your c-spot and G-spot, there are tons of ultra-sensitive nerve endings in your back door, says relationship coach Cory Honickman, PsyD. That means stimulating it can bring you of a ton of sexual pleasure whether you're playing with yourself or with a partner. And, depending on how the plug is used, the female skene glands (also known as the female prostate) may be stimulated, which can be a pleasant surprise, she says.

Besides reaching erogenous zones you didn't know you had, these toys can also be used as a form of kink, says Honickman. More specifically, people use them with domination and submission play. Using butt plugs can be a way for someone who enjoys submission to explore feeling vulnerable or humiliated in a way that gives them pleasure, says Honickman. "Women who have experienced anal orgasms say it’s a very deep and powerful sensation,” she says.

Another reason people use butt plugs is to prepare the rectum for anal play, she says. And that's an important step if you're looking to work up to something bigger, like a penis or larger sex toys, says Honickman. “Using a butt plug gets the rectum primed for something to enter it," she says. "That ups your chances of having more pleasure and less pain during anal play.

  • Material: TPE
  • Color: Purple
  • Vibration: No
  • Power Supply: No
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Certificate: CE, RoHS
  • Weight: 25/42/46/60g
  • Size: φ25/φ25/φ28/φ38mm ◇ Length: 90/100/120/130mm

100% PRIVACY GUARANTEED - all items are packed discreetly without any indication of what's inside. The waybill only contains the recipient's name and address. Item/s are covered with white paper and bubble wrap.